Violence. Youth smoking. School failure. Environmental problems. Crime. Economic decline. Racism. Alcohol and other drug abuse. Today, our communities face challenges that are unprecendented in breadth and depth. The good news is that if we dig deep enough, we will find that the root causes of many of these problems are the same. Even better, we know that a team of diverse, focused, and prepared community leaders can change these community conditions and thereby reduce the incidence of the problems. Having a healthy community is an achievable vision.

CommuniTeam believes that there are two essential elements to creating healthier communities-- a focus on the underlying conditions leading to community problems and the contributions of people from all walks of life in efforts that aim to replace these conditions with ones that support health and well-being.

CommuniTeam is an international training and consulting organization whose staff and associates are dedicated to helping communities work toward--and ultimately achieve--their visions. Through our writing, training, consulting and conference presentations we have provided guidance to leaders in thousands of communities world wide. We are innovators in youth-adult partnership development and condition-focused change efforts. Most importantly, the foundation of all of our work is direct experience in community leadership positions (formal and informal) where our principles, methods and tools have been developed. We are not academicians. We are community change agents--just like you.

We believe that all communities have most, if not all, of the resources needed to create a healthy environment in which its children, families and institutions thrive. They key is effective leadership that engages others.CommuniTeam is devoted to creating high-performing teams at a community level. From organizational change research, we know that high-performing teams are characterized by:

•diversity in skills and experiences
•a strong sense of purpose
•clarity of focus
•shared leadership (they are “leaderful”)
•strong interpersonal relationships
•accountability for results

Our services are designed to help communities create or enhance the effectiveness of cross-community teams that apply these characteristics to addressing challenges and creating healthier cultures. We develop community builders. Our Train-the-Trainer approach builds community capacity far beyond our direct involvement. While we may work directly with just a small group of community members, each will leave with tools to take the process, concepts and tools out to the larger community. This creates a rippling effect that will ultimately engage hundreds or even thousands of others.

To learn more about our approach, please browse our site. You can find applications of some of our work in a few articles we’ve written.