Who We've Helped
Many different types of organizations have benefited from partnering with Steve Fortier and CommuniTeam Training and Consulting. A list of a few of these organizations and how Steve assisted them follows. Also, read what some of them have had to say about CommuniTeam.

State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services: Steve trained community health specialists from seventy Alaskan villages in CommuniTeam’s approach to community health promotion and youth-adult partnership development.

AT&T: CommuniTeam designed and facilitated community building programs with various multi-national or multi-regional business units. In each case, the objective was to build relationships among people that relied on one another for collective success, but who were in different parts of the country or sometimes different parts of the world.

Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation (Dillingham, Alaska): BBAHC created their “Unity in Community” project based on CommuniTeam principles and practices. CommuniTeam provided a train-the-trainer program for teams of teen and adult leaders from five Alaskan Bush communities (the entire three-day workshop was translated in Yupik for three village elders that did not speak English!). These teams took the CommuniTeam model of community health promotion back to their villages and later trained teams in 13 other Bush communities to do the same.

Bell Atlantic/NYNEX Mobile (now known as Verizon) and the Mennen Company: Steve designed and provided on-going training and consulting for senior and middle managers in the areas of team and leadership development. The focus of all of this work was on creating workplace communities.

National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC): For each, Steve helped to develop and facilitate inclusive, participatory planning processes. NAEYC’s “Children of 2010 Dialogues” provided national leaders from government, education, child development, race relations, business, and philanthropy with the opportunity to create policy recommendations that would seize our nation’s growing diversity as an opportunity to become “one nation, indivisible.” (Another outcome was the book, Children of 2010). NRPA brought together preventionists and recreation leaders from six midwest states to create collaborative action plans.

The Leadership Project: As an original staff member (from 1987-1990), Steve helped co-create the nationally-recognized teen-adult partnership/community health promotion program, The Leadership Project. In 1990, The Leadership Project was acknowledged as one of ten “Exemplary Prevention Programs” by the United States’ Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. The model has since been replicated and adapted by hundreds of communities worldwide... many based on the training they received from CommuniTeam’s Steve Fortier.

There are a number of other examples of how CommuniTeam has helped communities and organizations achieve their objectives. Feel free to email or call if you feel these examples do not represent your particular situation.